Casual branded cotton shirts for men were dominating the market since by them, guys could get a shirt that’s super comfortable and true to their identity, while at the same time looking really stylish.

We are now able to offer casual cotton branded shirts for men that offer amazing quality dress shirts that are now available online. The latest collection includes different styles of dress khakis, dress denim jeans, shirts, polos and polo dress shirts.

Our latest casual branded cotton shirt line offers all the details you could want in a traditional dress shirt but is very much made for the active man on-the-go. The styles are meant to go with high-performance fabrics and provide comfort whether you’re working out or just relaxing.

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The collection is based on our most popular styles, which are available in a large variety and in great price points. All in all, our Casual branded shirts for men offer unique styles, great designs, and are great quality, all for great prices.

Casual branded pure cotton shirts for men were dominating the market since by them, guys could get a shirt that’s super comfortable and true to their identity, while at the same time looking really stylish. Casual branded cotton shirts for men are essential formal wear.

Why are branded cotton shirts for men so in Shirt Theory?

There are no words to describe how much branding shirts are “in” right now. The idea of having your logo or brand in a shirt and being able to proudly wear it no matter what you plan on doing is so stylish and in-the-moment. In the past few years, brands have really embraced branding for fashion. For example, a few years ago it was more fashionable to wear a plain white shirt with a logo that said just your name (for example, Steve). Now, we’re doing things so you can wear your brand all the time and not just when you’re dressed up.

Discover the types of branded cotton shirt brands

Discover the different types of branded cotton shirt brands that are available out there. The men’s branded cotton shirts are a combination of branded cotton knit shirt and branded cotton polo shirts, which is a unique combination because these two different shirts serve their own purposes, but combined, the result is a truly perfect, well-fitting piece of casual apparel. Our casual branded cotton shirts for men are designed and made right here in the India.

The types of branded cotton shirt are for various purposes. When you are looking for shirts, check these types to find one that has many benefits, the brands are tailored to you.

  • Plain or Striped- The type of cotton shirt is plain or striped in design in order to offer a simple style with a feel that is made for everyday use. This type could be in any color depending on availability in different stores.
  • Plaids- These shirts are characterized by joining together two colors which then show up in rows or stripes in one area of the shirt or throughout. They can also be made up of two textures so get more exquisite.

Who's the perfect fit for your casual shirt preferences?

Your preferences when it comes to wearing branded cotton shirts or men's formal shirts are as unique as you are themselves. Some people like wearing their brands every day and other people only wear them a few times a week. Some guys like light shirts and others like wearing heavier, thicker shirts. Whatever your preferences, your casual branded cotton shirt will be made to fit your unique style.

For men who like casual shirts for men to wear in the warmer seasons and dressier for casual wear dress shirts in winter or spring. We use a cotton ribbed cotton to provide that cool, comfortable feel on your shoulders and upper back, with no added weight.


Looking to buy more than one? We offer a huge amount of styles. We’re so confident in our quality we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Take a look at some of our favorite styles and decide which ones are perfect for you.

Wear men’s dress shirt style that is made with a variety of the best quality cotton fabrics. We help men’s fashion brands around the world succeed in the style game. We take great pride in being authentic to the fashion world, but most importantly delivering quality at an affordable price. Our product development team brings a different approach to apparel development. One based on real style, fashion, craft and passion.