Stripes or Checks: How To Style Both - Casual Shirts for men & Formal Men Shirts

Stripes or Checks: How To Style Both - Casual Shirts for men & Formal Men Shirts

When it comes to the classic patterns of menswear, stripes and plaids are the popular trends for centuries. Whether you wear them formally or informally, it's the color and pattern size you need to decide on. The two very basic patterns with unlimited simple geometry projects, class and quirk together. While stripes denote a serious businesslike fashion, plaids on the other hand communicate fun.

What Are Stripes? 

A series of parallel bars that runs infinitely in one direction. They are found in a variety of menswear fashion typically in shirts, suits, ties, and tees. Unlike plaids, stripes are simple and serious, thus typically reserved for Formal Men Shirts and business wear. A combination of colors may occur for stripes to catch attention.


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How to Style Stripes?

Stripes represent class, especially when curated in light colors like blue, pink, white, grey, and more. Thin stripes are considered ideal for formal, while thick stripes are in the category of casual affairs. The versatile stripes are easy to style with all available items in the wardrobe. 

Carry Your Stripes with Jeans

The go-to classic stripes of Casual Shirts for men are just perfect with casual jeans for your everyday wear or hang out, meet-ups with friends. Whether you flaunt them as usual or wear a t-shirt below to add fun, stripes are a must to add to the wardrobe.

Casual Shirt For men


Formal Up with Dark Pants

Catch attention choosing vertical stripes than horizontal ones. Not only do they add seriousness to your outfit but you also look thin and tall in vertical stripes. Style your vertical stripes with dark-colored pants to close the deal. 

Be Beach Ready with Basic Shorts

The cotton made stay cool and comfortable stripe shirts go easy with basic shorts for holidays and beach looks. Fold your stripe arms till half and be ready for fun.

Pair-up with Blazers or Sweaters  

Be business-ready by pairing your stripes with classic blazers and dark pants. Follow the quirky yet catchy trend and pair your stripes with sweaters in winters. While not tucking it inside your pants or jeans.

What Are Checks or Plaids?  

Checkered or plaid shirts come in a variety of styles, from small checks to bold and shepherd checks. The checkered pattern is typically two different colored lines crossing each other. The checks can be in different sizes like small, medium, and large, formed by horizontal and vertical stripes.

How to Style Checks?  

The classic staple for all age groups has a history that belongs in the lands of cowboys and farms. As fashion realized the essence, everyone wanted to style themselves in an easy yet quirky pattern. The meant to be fun and worn casually pattern can be styled in numerous ways. 

Style it as a Jacket

Check shirts look great when carried as an outer layer as thin jackets. When the weather is a little hot to wear bombers but yet a little cold to go with shirts only, style your plaids as an above layer with tees. The outfit works perfectly with jeans.

Pair your plaids with blazers

Be ready for the formal yet informal events. Style your matte blazer with chinos on a plaid shirt. Chinos can also be replaced with jeans or dark Denim Shirt For Men.

Denim Shirt for Men

Plaids with Jackets

Believe it or not, plaids represent the fall season. Pair up your bold plaids with dark and light shade jackets to bomb your winter outfit. The style would go perfectly with chinos or dark jeans. 

Style it with a Waistcoat

Waistcoat, what? Well yes, you read it right. Waistcoats look extremely stylish and classic with patterns different than usual. Style your checkered pattern shirts with plain waistcoats in dark shades and pair them up with contrasting pants.

Checkered with Cardigans

Checkered or plaids go well with cardigans. Not only do they attract gazes but they are extremely easy to dress. Pair up dark or light color cardigans on your plaids with jeans or chinos.



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