Exclusive Shirts For Men | Formal Shirts or Casual Shirts - What's the difference?

Exclusive Shirts For Men | Formal Shirts or Casual Shirts - What's the difference?

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With changing lifestyle, there's change in fashion. Clothing options for men are increasingly growing with new trends and styles. Men are strictly adhered to dress codes at work and events. Exclusive Shirts For Men is all about choosing the right attire for an occasion and also being aware of what the occasion is about. 



Today, with a number of casual and formal options, the line of difference has started to blur. Men are seen styling coats over casual shirts with jeans or plaid/chequered shirts with bow ties for smart and quirky looks. With the men's fashion world being flooded with choices of flexibility, you still have to style comfortably and look handsome in your surroundings.

We understand men's emotions to differentiate and choose their staple for events in the world of personality matters. Here's the Shirt Theory's fashion experts' easy guide to differentiate formal and casual shirts to help you choose the right style for the right occasion.

What is a Formal Shirt?

A formal shirt or dress shirt can be identified by its hard and rigid collar, long collar tails, double cuffs, radiant and polished fabric. Dress shirts are mostly plain and attract through luminous sparkle, though patterned versions are getting common these days for formals. The most desired formal styles among young men come in statement colours like white, black, blue, and pink.

What is a Casual Shirt?

Casual or daily wear shirts have flexible colors or less rigid collars. Casual shirts typically come in a wide variety of fabrics and textures such as soft, warm, cool, breathable for a series of seasons as well. While formal shirts are fitted, Casual Shirts For Men have more room for both style and comfort.



When to Wear a Formal Shirt ?

Worn tucked in, formal shirts are suitable for events like business and weddings. For black tie events, there are tuxedo shirts, while classic pin collar designs would go for their formal yet less dressy events.

A formal shirt is the staple of every man's wardrobe for the classic and elegant look. Choose your formal or dress shirt wisely, it should fit you correctly for attracting the gazes.

Formal shirts can be worn to formal and semi-formal events or celebrations. Paired with dark suits and matching tie formal shirts makes you ready for cracking the business deals to catching attention at weddings. Ditch suits for interviews but the tie stays on.

When to Wear a Casual Shirt ?

Worn untucked and casually, casual shirts are lightweight and comfortable with a variety of weaves such as linen, chambray, flannel, overshirts, and more.

The relaxed and loose fit shirts can be flapped anywhere around the town. Wearing casual shirts does not require a matching tie or suit. Pair your casuals with denims or chinos, you can either roll the sleeves up to your forearm or keep it as they are, casuals are just meant for comfort and style.

Wear it at events that require casual meetups, lunch, brunch, holidays, festive celebrations, visiting in-laws or daily. All they are meant for is providing comfort with fashion.

What to Wear with Formal Shirts ?

Formal shirts look best with formal suits and accessories like black ties, bows and classic cuffs. Best Formal Shirts for Men can be styled with tailored trousers, pulled up with cardigan or jumper if the temperature dips.

What to Wear with Casual Shirts ?

Casuals are the needed staple to your wardrobe. Formals can be paired up with casual blazers and jackets, while teaming them up with chinos, jeans, and trousers. There's no need for accessories with casuals. It's all about comfort.

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