Guide to Men's Shirting: On How to Select Different Fittings & Details

Guide to Men's Shirting: On How to Select Different Fittings & Details

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Whether you prefer polished or irregular, luxe or casual, men's shirt wear has the most astounding number of styling options. 

But how do we sense and understand whether we have found the right one? Especially when there are endless different contrasts of styles, colors, and fits. 

While Shirt Theory never fails to admire how each shirt is as unique and varied as the individual wearing it. We would love to explore with you the uncounted number of shirt styles that took the rightful place in men's wardrobes and women's hearts - Luxury Men's Shirts

Finding The Proper Fitting of a Shirt

Probably a perfect shirt's fitting is the men's best chance to express comfort, confidence, and personal style. 

While we talk about the perfect fit, our very first objective is to help you determine what fit and look you love and prefer confidence in. The most typical choices under men's shirts are: Classic Fit, Slim Fit, Modern/Contemporary Fit, and Skinny Fit.

The Classic Fit - Known for Comfort

Characterized by the traditional tailoring line features, classic fit is what our fathers and forefathers felt comfortable with. The plenty of fabric in the sleeves and body allowed comfort while maintaining the boxier shape. Our stylists quote that there's no better flexible features other than the Classics. 

While our elder generation preferred to wear it with jackets and vest, tailoring classic maintaining the comfort was top most priority. 

We conclude, if you wear your shirts with jackets, Classic Fits are the ultimate best fit for you because of its comfortable and breathable trim. While it is not the preferred choice for slim chaps, men with a rounder stomach can feel comfortable and flattering in the classic fits. 

Slim Fit - Looks for Slim

History says, modern men often tried to look different than their parents. At the same time, men also tried styling shirts without jackets, which led designers to tailor shirts keeping in mind the fits and looks for the new men. 

While slim fits shirts are the most trending ones, they are often less comfortable and more restricting in movements, as it always has its excess fabric removed. 

As the name implies slim fit shirts are always preferred for slim people, therefore it will not suit you well, if you are struggling to get in shape. 

MODERN/CONTEMPORARY FIT - Ultimate Combination

The contemporary fit is known as the ultimate combination of the classic and slim fit, providing classic’s comfort and slims style. The slight curves with the waist in blend with small back darts creates a finished look in comparison to classic fits that even suits without a jacket and zero compromise of comfort. The armholes are high, the sleeves have enough room and not too wide, while extending the yoke just past the shoulder bone - Pure Cotton Shirts for Men

Modern Fit are the preferred shirts by the seasoned stylists of Shirt Theory as men look slimmer in modern fits in comparison to classic while providing the needed space in making comfortable movements. 

For men with average and suitable weights, modern fit was the most elegant invention for you. 

Skinny Fit/Super Slim - Only for Skinny

The super slim or skinny fits are popular among younger men who prefer tight fits. The particular fit attributes features with lots of wrinkles. 

We prefer to avoid skinny fits until you have a body which is skinny to justify these fits. Super slim shirts are not a smart and stylish alternative for anyone, as they restrict movements and comfort significantly. 

Stay clear of this fit, if you are looking for classic men's fashion and styling. 


Just like with anything in definitive men's fashion being loud is not well dressed. If you seek for an elegant look, it is suggested to keep the contrasting details to a minimum and rather concentrate on the form of the shirt details, that is the fabric and proper fittings. 

On the off chance that you purchase, these options have been made for you, which are simple and yet restricting. When you change to a custom shirt, you need to carefully think about every one of the choices, so everything from comfort to satisfaction works together once you get the shirt.


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