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White Shirt is every man's elegant choice and attention tool. The impeccable, versatile, and simple shirt choice is one mainstay in every man's wardrobe to take them from office to dinner dates.

The color of perfection, purity, and innocence is represented as the symbol of wealth and class. White shirts hold a premium appeal when worn the right way. The classic piece can make you separate from the masses when styled right according to the occasion - Men shirts stylish latest. Here's disclosing the easy runway to the street styles for white shirts, read on the Shirt Theory's exclusive guide for stylish ways to wear white.


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White Shirt with Jeans

The oldest and most adopted fashion trick in the books of fashion is a white shirt with blue jeans. The right combination of cool and sophistication is pairing the indigo denim boot cut with the ultimate white shirt.

A guaranteed combination of simplicity and style devil is in the details, that is choosing the right white shirt. White button-down collar shirts or chambray are classic and elegant options because of their collar styles that will sit across your shoulders from day to night. Opt for correctly fitted shirts with dense fabric with denim for dinner dates to give the illusion of your serious efforts.

White Shirt with Suits

We believe White shirt cotton are the perfect blank canvas for tie and collar bows. Nothing beats a dark shade suit like navy or grey with a perfectly finished white shirt.

A well-fitted shirt with a semi-cut collar and french cuffs is our preference to beat the deals. These small differences in cuffs and collars make slight differences to impress every person you meet. 

                                 White shirt cotton

White Shirt with Shorts

Summers are for linen and nothing says summer is better than its pairing with Bermuda shirts. The style worth investing in can take you on a tour of multiple occasions with comfort and class. The white linen shirt with a gentle crease communicates your effort for the day. Experiment with the style with white mandarin collar shirts and wrapped sleeves.

White Shirt with Chinos

A white shirt with chinos can make a world of difference by turning the style special. Pair white oxford shirts with dark-colored chinos like olive, navy, or black to add the classic punch to your regular styles of Cotton Shirts for men.

The white shirt offers limitless opportunities to style with colors. Pushing it an extra mile, you can style white with white for some strong personality showcase and attentive gaze.                                                  

White Shirt with Leather

Nothing can beat more class with leather than a white shirt. Style your white shirt with a biker jacket, skinny jeans, and buttoned collar adding a touch of fashion, or pair it up with small collared shirts with trousers or dark-colored pants, left untucked with longer-fit leather jackets.

How to Take Care for White Shirts

We all want our whites to remain white for long and there's nothing more disappointing than wearing a white that's not strictly white. Well, every wardrobe turns stale, and to keep white fresh for long, bleach. Yes, bleach is one incredible option to ensure that the white shirt maintains its fresh look and color keeping it away from the unpleasant grey.

Apart from the bleach technique, it is also important for you to realize and understand when it’s time to quit the white shirt. White shirts naturally lose color and age over time, particularly around the high sweat zones like the collar area and around the armpits.

Replace your white shirts as soon as you spot the yellow.

Shirt Theory is a great spot to start your search for different shirt options.

 #casualshirts  #bestsellers  #evergreen  #eveningwear  #formalshirts  #newarrival  #polo&tees  #summerbreeze


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