How to Find Your Perfect Fit: Men's Shirt Measurements

How to Find Your Perfect Fit: Men's Shirt Measurements


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Men's shirt measurements are available from alpha sizing to numerical sizing. The struggles to find a perfect fit shirt with styles and sizing that are divergent can make you boil the oceans to get your right fit. 

While we are guessing that it is easier to switch tasks for men than finding their perfect shirt size, we bring you the ideal guide to assist you on everything you need to know about sizing and measurements. 

Let's find a perfect size so that you do not need to spend your time figuring out different sizing and measurements to feel good and comfortable.  

Men's shirt sizing is comically complicated. Sometimes you are a size medium and sometimes you are a size 15 34/35. 

Didn't get it? Well let's understand it this way. 

For menswear, shirts are typically offered in alpha sizing that is small, medium and large whereas the numerical sizing is based on your neck and arm length. The chest and waist measurements are standardized based on neck and arm length according to different brands' ideal fit .

Alpha sizing seems easy to grab in both ways while purchasing online or offline but how do we land up on numerical sizing for our perfect shirt size. An easy way to understand numerical sizing is: the first number on the size tag stands for neck size whereas the second number is the sleeve length. So if a shirt size says "18 36/37" it simply refers that the neck is 18 inches while the sleeve lengths are 36 and 37 inches. 

Numeric measurements were specifically designed for formal and business shirts so that they deliver a more tailored stitch and fitting without any need for further alterations - Branded Shirts for Men

How are Men's Shirt Sizes Measured? 

There's a list of elements that needs to be noted down before you select your quality shirt. 

Measure Your Collar/Neck

Neck measurements are one of the most important measurements in men's shirting. As it plays a vital role in making your shirt collar sit comfortably. 

Start with a measuring tape by placing it around the neck below your Adam's apple, that is where the shirt collars normally rest. Stand normal as the major factor is taking accurate neck measurement in order to provide enough room for comfort. 

Pro tip: While keeping the tape in place add two fingers in between the tape and your neck to ensure adequate space for comfortable breathing while the collar is buttoned. 

Measure Your Sleeve/Arm Length

Measuring arm length will definitely require help from a partner. If you don't have any, take measure of that one shirt which has the right length sleeves . 

Remember, your shirt's sleeve measurement is more than just the length of your arms as you need space and move your arms comfortably all day long, while making you look confident and classy. Start by placing the measuring tape at the center of the spine or back of the neck. Run the tape along your shoulder towards your hands. Make sure the measurement ends where the wrist begins. 

Pro tip: While measuring the sleeve lengths always make sure to slightly bend the elbow to allow your shirt arm some ease. 

Measure Your Chest

Run the shirt measuring tape around your chest area and backside. Make sure to wrap it around the widest part of your chest. On a rough basis tight up your tape right under your arms/armpits, that is over the shoulder blades. Be in a natural pose while writing down the measurements, let arms hang down and relax - Luxury Shirts for men

Do not forget to allow yourself to breathe comfortably so that the measurements are not constricting and you are in your natural posture. 

Measure Your Waist

Measuring waist for shirts is a bit different than measuring it for buying pants. Stand relaxed and in comfortable posture, and consider your waist measurements around your waistline that is the narrowest part of your waist. In easy words measure it at the height at which you wear your pants or at the height of your belly button. 

If you are a bit round in shape run the tape around the fullest part of your belly. Just make sure you are in your natural posture in order to take correct measurements. 

Remember even the best tools and methods can lead us in the wrong directions. Every human being on the planet is different not just with characters but with sizes too and guess what Shirt Theory has the right sizes for you all. 

Also, it is sometimes complicated to measure the right sizes without any help or assistance from a partner, so it is best to grab a handsome fit shirt out of the wardrobe and measure it to get your perfect fit. 

Happy Measuring!

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