5 Shirts Every Man Should Own & Best Formal Shirt for Men

5 Shirts Every Man Should Own & Best Formal Shirt for Men

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No matter if you are a barkeeper or a businessman, you all want to wear shirts that catch gazes and endure comfort. Every man desires to add shirts in his wardrobe that cover their versatile roles and responsibilities.

Men need almost all good collections of shirts in their wardrobes, what they are confused about is what exact shirts would fulfill what purpose and how to dress them.

With multiple species of shirts available to wear how to find your collection is one important question.

Well, the easy solution is, sticking to the everlasting classics, the never out of fashion staple, classics are the tried and trusted shirt styles by generations. 

From casual chambrays to classic linen, Shirt Theory has all your favorite styles made for specific events to shirts that are worn almost everywhere. Whether you are heading to a wedding or stepping out for camping trips, here's sharing our expert key shirt styles for you to look your best at all times.

Oxford Button-Down Shirt

The oxford cloth woven shirt is a classic menswear styling men for more than a century. Its thick fabric unlike all other shirts gives it a casual edge and takes on the traditional dress style. The shirt gets another half of the name from buttons down the collar holding the collars in place. The timeless piece bridges the gap between smart and casual shirts. The oxford button-down shirt fits perfect in a series of events from weddings to office meetings making it the heart of fashion that holds your wardrobe together Best Formal Shirt for Men.

How To Wear It

Oxford button-down shirts are a versatile collection that fits almost all styles and even occasions, apart from styles as sportswear.

We suggest choosing lighter colors for professional settings and dark shades for casual functions.

Cotton Twill Overshirt

Overshirts are the handwoven magic for the troublesome weather seasons that can never make a choice. Falling between the comfort of a shirt and the warmth of a jacket, the overshirt is designed from thick cotton twill to fit the unpredictable seasons of too warm for a coat and too cold for shirts. The versatile beauty features fast buttons and multiple patch pockets in front.

How To Wear It

Styling your overshirt largely depends on the weather. During not-so-cold seasons style it as a light jacket and looks great when worn open with t-shirts and chino shorts. During cold weather, try wearing the overshirt over a roll-neck jumper and denim with sturdy leather boots. Blue, grey, and olive shades suit perfectly for casual evenings and night outs, while neutral and light shades can be best suited in the daytime.

Denim Shirt

A denim shirt for men ties an outfit together. The robust material makes it effortless wear for gatherings and casual events. Worn right, the classic casual can add a dose of masculinity and texture to your weekend wardrobe. The unique shades of denim make it stylish with layering as well.

How To Wear It

One of the easiest ways to style denim shirts is never to dress them with denim jeans. Ensure contrast between top and bottom wear and you will never go wrong.

Linen Shirt

Linens are the perfect and elegant option when mercury at its rise. Linen is the breezy answer to all your summer-style staples. The light, airy and breathable fabric is every reason to include it in your summer wardrobe. The fabric that gently wraps your torso in the breeze is cool for both the weather and summer style. Linens are a solid and worthy option for vacations, summer weddings, and office wears.

How To Wear It

The shining garment should only come out when the sun is rising. Wear it slightly relaxed with loosely cuffed sleeves on holidays and weekends. Linen shirts work perfectly with shorts and trousers.

Pair it up with chinos, jeans or even add a blazer for a formal approach.

Dress Shirt

Elegant and simple, the dress shirt is something that makes fit into class and tuxedos. Dress shirts are perfect wear in classic evenings to impress and attract. Its typically thinner material with pointed and wing collars makes it look best with a three-piece suit or tuxedo. Complete your look with a black tie or bow ties and cufflinks.

How To Wear It

Styled during formal events, there are quite a few times this shirt ventures out of your wardrobe. Dress shirts are meant to wear with tuxedos and suits. There's no other shirt that presents class like this one.

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