Casual Shirts Style with Zero Efforts

Casual Shirts Style with Zero Efforts

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Relaxed and relieved are the other synonyms for casual shirts cause that’s what they do. Shirts with flexible collars, made with an exotic variety of textures and fabric weaves to suit your occasions of festive and celebrations.

Break the barriers of men's casual clothing with genuine luxe shirts at low-end. Shirt Theory's casual feel-good shirts are breathable and soft for skin. The smart-casual look made with quality cotton is a great option to add to your all-time season wear.

Styling casual shirts have never needed a brain for fashion, you either style it with rolled sleeves or wear it un-tucked.

When to Wear Casual Shirts

Shirt Theory's comfortable casual shirts have no right occasion. Our smart casuals with endless variety in texture, shapes, prints can be worn on lunch with your date to family dinners at weekends. The list of occasions does not end here. Shirts with a change in collars can change your fashion from stylish to sanskari.

Shirt Theory's diverse casual and easy wear shirts are crafted for Indian men suiting their variety of occasions keeping them cool and comfortable under all seasons.

Types of Casual Shirts

There's always a need for quality casual shirts. Men's wardrobe life ends without warranting a variety of casual shirts for different occasions. Build a strong foundation in a happy skin and comfortable you by investing in quality casual shirts for Men.

Nailing casual basics is easy, allow us to recommend casual shirts to make you crack the code of style with ease.

Button-Down Collar Shirts

The classic debated shirt for being casual and traditional is a never out of style casual shirt. The all-American collar is secured down with a button. Refined in pastel shades the particular shirt can be paired with chinos and brogues. The shirt’s timeless essence in your wardrobe will save you hours of time spent thinking about ‘what to wear’ to the sudden dinner invite you received.

Flannel Chequered Shirts

The cool, young, and casual chequered shirts are a modern style statement. The particular casual is generally used in not so chilly yet so not hot weather as they are usually layered with t-shirts to pack in some warmth. Made from a mix of wool and cotton, the shirts are soft and comfortable. The shirts make great combinations with different shades of denim and are ideal for hangout sessions with friends and casual college wear.

Camp Collared Short Sleeve Shirt

Versatile, modern, luxury shirt for men and a summer must-have casual for men's wardrobes of all ages. The sporting collar spread and short sleeves make the shirt a summer staple. The particular shirts are available in diverse options such as solid colors, floral prints, variety geometrics, and elegant stripes to suit your all summer occasion needs.

The breezy shirts fill-up the fashion statement with a pair of loaders, can be worn with shorts and chinos. The camp collared short sleeves make you ready for your summer holidays and wild adventures.

Casual Chambray

Sophistication and comfort at their best. Often mistaken with denim, chambray has a major difference in the fabrics they are curated with. Chambray has a lighter material than denim, making it young men's favorite for comfort. These particular shirts are famous for getting paired with almost anything and stay up to fashion. The color range in chambray includes, mostly blues and greys, and by picking up the complimenting pants you are ready for the day.

Polo Shirts

The wardrobe wizard, polo shirts can be worn anywhere and with anything. The iconic style referred from the brand itself has made its place in the life of men. The classic shirts available in multi-colors break the rocks in fashion. Being both casual and sporty the shirt matches all your favorite events with grace. Stitched with comfort the particular can be worn with sweatpants and chinos.

Mandarin Collar Shirts

Class, comfort, and elegance are combined with mandarin collared shirts. The band collar or we can call them the jodhpurs collar, lasts longing impressions in your casual wear. Matching the traditional and casual occasions mandarin collar suits all special events of life. The particular shirts can be worn with crispy creased trousers or with chinos or fitted jeans. White mandarins with blue denim/jeans never leave before stealing all lady’s attention.

Casual shirts allow men to be more confident in their bodies as easy wear provides them comfort and softness, especially during summers. With rooted styles casual shirts these days offer a variety of fulfilling nature in men's wardrobe.

Being able to dress comfortably in style is what casuals offer to men and hence wins the race in grabbing more space in their wardrobes as well.

Providing a wide variety of styles for different occasions and seasons is where casual shirts are preferred among all-age men.

Choose a wide variety of casual shirts with Shirt Theory.

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