How to Dress Men’s Casual Clothing

How to Dress Men’s Casual Clothing

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Presenting yourself well on every occasion is important. Well-dressing not only enhances your personality but also gathers respect from unknowns. After all, we never know who may we run into. Styling casually and fashionably is a skill that needs mastery.

Step up your fashion game and master the art of styling with Shirt Theory. Let's take you through a step-by-step guide on styling your casual wardrobe without sacrificing comfort and creating holes in your wallet.

The style term 'casual' is one most widely used words in the progressive world of fashion and attire. Casual attire fulfills the fashion demand of an informal yet elegant style for a modern-day man.

At Shirt Theory, we believe the casual dress code matches the attitude approach of men and makes their personal style highlight out of their dress code. Casual attire is one original art that, once mastered, will always make you ready and prepared to catch the attention on all occasions.

When is the Perfect Time to Wear Casual Clothing

On average, most men spend most of their lives wearing casual outfits. Casual attire is that one dress code that you wear while grabbing a coffee, heading to sports weekend, meeting friends for a drink, attending family gatherings and so much more in between. It is the personality you carry in your routine and daily life. However, just because the casuals are your day-to-day wear it doesn't mean it should be treated with any less care and importance in comparison with formal events - Branded Shirts for Men.

Casual attire carries the essence of being adaptable. Matched and suited for all types of occasions and personalities. A pair of casual jeans, a linen shirt, with a pair of fine sneakers can carry you from Sunday brunch to an afternoon with family gatherings, evening meetups at pubs and beyond.

Gone is the time when casuals were misinterpreted as hurried and easy wear. Feel comfortable and relaxed in your linens and chambray, with style in your chinos and shorts, wear your casual attires with confidence and comfort.

What to Wear on Top

Start building your style wardrobe with elegant button-down shirts in casual wear. Shirt Theory's diverse size and fits are something worth invest in.

Choose a variety of colors and prints to mark your statement.

If classic isn't your thing and chooses to select a cool look then denim and chambrays are your perfect personality match. Invest in the rock colors and style them with pale-colored trousers such as white or dark grey-brown color.

In the chilled weather, you can look to layer your shirts with light-colored T-shirts. Flanner and overshirt are great casual shirts for men to layer with. Flanner usually is crafted in dark cold colors and look extremely stylish with light color t-shirts whereas on the other hand overshirts are available in all types of colors with big pockets in front like coats. Overshirts can also be style with light-colored shirts to game up your style in the cooler months.

Shirt Theory releases a variety of range in fresh and seasoned colors that add blaze to your casual get-up.

What to Wear on the Bottom

Nothing's more casual than jeans, chinos, and shorts. They are the staple to your countless looks from time to time. When it comes to dressing your jeans, roll up the sleeves of your button-down shirt and elevate your style on favorite meet-ups. You can also add a blazer or light sports coat with the pairing.

Pair up your classic chinos with both linen and button-down shirts while being selective in seeking out colors.

And in warm months pair up your shorts with linen shirts during weekend outings or camp trips.

Inspire the world in your sensational looks with Shirt Theory.

Styling Tips

Neutral Bottoms, Color Top 

The smartest advice is to pair up dark colors for serious casual looks with light and neutral bottoms. Wear colors like blue, olive, navy, burgundy with cream, light gray, khaki and beige colors.

The opposite of the above can also mark a fashion statement, that is neutral top and color bottoms like white shirts with navy or olive bottoms.

Back to White

Light colors are happier and powerful. The versatile and classic whites carry their own category. White with colored chinos and even dark and light chinos should be a staple to men's wardrobe for every occasion.


Happy Styling.

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